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  1. But the Mets did not look sharp, and Alfonzo was no exception.
  2. The Cowboys look sharp in the first half, taking a 14-point lead.
  3. "I've practiced with him some this week and he looks sharp ."
  4. The first-team offense has yet to look sharp in any preseason games.
  5. Eight years later, the kenaf issue looks sharp, tough and unyellowed.
  6. Show dogs almost show off, and she watched them prance and look sharp.
  7. The guys look sharp, they have a good attitude, they have played well.
  8. All of a sudden, the shoes that used to look comfortable look sharp.
  9. In the third period, Healy was busy, and he did not look sharp.
  10. Ivanisevic did not look sharp in his victory over Frenchman Delaitre.
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