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  1. The code was then used to make payments online, to load cards or ATMs.
  2. The brand sells ticket loads which by far may be the cheapest form of load card the brand offers.
  3. Execution begins then, from the console with the reading of the 8 words on the load card into locations 0001-0008 of the 1st memory band.
  4. To begin, a load card is keypunched with 80 consecutive digits ( the 2nd column below ) so that, when read, drum locations 0001 through 0008 contents will be as shown.
  5. In the case of reading a load card, the " next instruction address " is taken from the data address field, not the next instruction address field ( shown above as xxxx ).
  6. ABS-CBN Mobile also partnered with SM Supermalls, Walter Mart Philippines, 7-Eleven Philippines, Mini Stop Philippines, Vmobile, Telepreneur, Corp ., ULoad, and Load Central for the expansion of ABS-CBNmobile sim cards, prepaid load cards, and postpaid payment centers.
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