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  1. All models used a live axle and leaf springs in the rear.
  2. Live axle is simpler but the unsprung weight contributes to wheel bounce.
  3. One reason is that live axles offer the most efficient power delivery.
  4. Sway bars were included on both front and rear coil-sprung live axles.
  5. The rear suspension used a live axle and semi elliptic leaf springs.
  6. Both the Especial and Luxo had a live axle, both with coil springs.
  7. A live axle and coil springs were used in the rear.
  8. That includes a nonint live axle with leaf springs, shocks, and stabilizer bar.
  9. The suspension was indeed harsh with live axles and leaf springs all around.
  10. Front and rear suspension is in the form of leaf-sprung rigid live axles.
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