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  1. In 1965 CODASYL formed a List Processing Task Force.
  2. On this machine he explored the list processing techniques and then used these to write an ALGOL 60 compiler.
  3. The company specializes in database marketing and list processing, targeting customers for 10 billion pieces of advertising mail in 1996.
  4. The list processing functions Based Variables, Pointers, Areas and Offsets and LOCATE-mode I / O were first shipped in Release 4.
  5. Santa has assured analysts that wish-list processing and Christmas Eve delivery will meet or exceed traditional standards of quality and reliability.
  6. Because of Lisp's early heritage in list processing, it has a wide array of higher-order functions relating to iteration over sequences.
  7. The ALGOL 68-R compiler was initially written in a local dialect of ALGOL 60 with extensions for address manipulation and list processing.
  8. Remember that this doesn't just depend on code, several contributors appear to be unaware of target list processing, which is almost equally important.
  9. By 1987 Stepanov and Musser had developed and published an Ada library for list processing that embodied the results of much of their research on generic programming.
  10. ;List processing : To implement Logic Theorist on a computer, the three researchers developed a programming language, Lisp programming language, an important language still used by AI researchers.
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