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  1. In this book there a list of illustration from the early part of Hawaiian history.
  2. In the list of illustrations, he notes of'Lowelan'that he was " their most renowned warrior ".
  3. A list of illustrations of maritime interest to be found in the Illustrated Sydney News has been made by the Australian National Maritime Museum.
  4. :: I eventually did the obvious, and looked at the list of illustrations in Altham's " History of Cricket ".
  5. The first edition of the book includes an extensive list of illustrations and photographs, mostly provided by NASA . Other editions reference various figures which are not included.
  6. Plate 1 is stated in the " List of Illustrations " " To face page 108 ", but as bound in the first edition it is used as a Frontispiece, facing the title page.
  7. Similarly, if an article is republished elsewhere, or used to form a WP : BOOK along with articles, then, like books elsewhere, it should be trivial to generate and publish a list of illustrations and accompanying credits.
  8. The original drawings were made directly on to the wood engraving blocks by leading artists Thomas Baines, Walter Hood Fitch, John Gerrard Keulemans, E . W . Robinson, Joseph Wolf, and T . W . Wood, according to the " List of Illustrations ".
  9. Free endpaper; title page; copyright page; contents and acknowledgements page; an introduction, signed by Carr in the page dated May 29, 1957; a decorated ownership page; a map of Huron and vicinity; pages 1  2 numbered; pages 3  6 un-numbered; page 7; page 8 un-numbered; pages 9  13 numbered; page 14 un-numbered; pages 15  53; page 54 missing; pages 55  57; page 58 un-numbered; pages 59  60; pages 61  63 un-numbered; pages 63 ( mis-numbered )-65, which is dated May 20, 1957; 2 pages of index ( prepared by Wilma K Bliss of Huron ); a one-page list of illustrations; 1 page endpiece; and two free end papers.
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