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  1. The band's website refers to the 6ths as " every lisper's nightmare ".
  2. Like " The Little LISPer ", " Essentials of Programming Languages " is a long-living book and is in its third edition now.
  3. The trailer, which introduces four characters; one lisping, one stuttering, a woman yelling about having raped a man and one jeering at the lisper, received positive reviews.
  4. However, according to the Jargon File, a " well-known LISPer " has been known to give out buttons with Knights insignia on them, and some people have claimed to have membership in the Knights.
  5. His first textbook, " The Little LISPer ", dates back to 1974 and is still in print in its fourth edition, now called " The Little Schemer " ( with Java, A Few Patterns ".

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