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  1. Vector processors have high-level operations that work on linear arrays of numbers or vectors.
  2. The simplest type of data structure is a linear array, also called one-dimensional array.
  3. A linear array of electrodes is often used to create a curtain of corona plasma.
  4. This linear array is further organized into two regions:
  5. Most earlier digital camera backs used linear array sensors, moving vertically to digitize the image.
  6. In a linear array configuration, it covers an area of 98 km x 44 km.
  7. Page tables are big linear arrays.
  8. The spectrometer uses an 800 element CCD linear array to provide continuous spectral coverage between 290 and 1030 nm.
  9. The separated ions would be captured by a linear array of cold traps to provide reservoirs of each element.
  10. Systems having long linear arrays of many electrodes are often used in geological applications, and less commonly in archaeology.
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