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  1. Kansei Engineering Software ( KESo ) uses QT1 for linear analysis.
  2. If the signal crosses a discontinuity point then the model is no longer valid for linear analysis purposes.
  3. Log-linear analysis starts with the saturated model and the highest order interactions are removed until the model no longer accurately fits the data.
  4. Non-linear analysis was also carried out to assess the response under various load cases and to analyse the serviceability requirements such as vibration.
  5. "This is a validation of our approach to direct, linear analysis of DNA, " said Eugene Chan, chairman and chief executive of US Genomics.
  6. This can be done through linear or non-linear analysis of irreversible processes, allowing systems near and far away from equilibrium to be studied, respectively.
  7. The state u \ equiv 0 is unstable as a simple linear analysis can show and the state u \ equiv 1 is unstable.
  8. In idealized form they are represented by each of the four types of dependent source used in linear analysis, as shown in the figure, namely:
  9. He published four books on analysis ( Theory of Integration, 1963; Linear Analysis, 1967; Lectures on the Theory of Integration, 1988; and The General Theory of Integration, 1991 ).
  10. With both continuous and categorical data, it would be best to use logistic regression . ( Any data that is analysed with log-linear analysis can also be analysed with logistic regression.
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