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  1. Linear amplifiers need to operate with MFSK, and CW ( Morse code ).
  2. This results in an amplitude modulation and is why TETRA requires linear amplifiers.
  3. The UJT is not used as a linear amplifier.
  4. These systems would typically require coaxial cable interconnection from a transmitter to the linear amplifiers.
  5. The next year, a matching kilowatt linear amplifier, the KL-1 Chippewa, was added to the line.
  6. However, external linear amplifiers are often used illegally.
  7. Similar matching networks are used in other equipment ( such as linear amplifiers ) to transform impedance.
  8. The matching SB-200 1200 watt input / 7-800 watt output linear amplifier completed the line for 1965.
  9. Rather, a special modulator produces such a waveform at a low level followed by a linear amplifier.
  10. The system relied on ultra-linear amplifiers that could amplify the signal across the entire frequency range without introducing distortion.
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