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  1. First Presbyterian is a lineal descendant of Hollister's group.
  2. Through this marriage, the Randolphs were lineal descendants of Pocahontas.
  3. The ceremony was attended by four lineal descendants of Roger Williams.
  4. We focused on the lineal descendants of Rene De Gas.
  5. The Jauch have brought forth some notable lineal descendants, both matrilineal.
  6. Randolph was a lineal descendant of Pocahontas through Richard Randolph.
  7. The only lineal descendants of the poet are therefore the children of Ianthe.
  8. A small group traced the Imamat among Muhammad ibn Ismail's lineal descendants.
  9. Through his marriage to Jane Bolling, his children were lineal descendants of Pocahontas.
  10. The empress and her emperor brother were the last lineal descendants of Emperor Nakamikado.
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