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  1. The Web site opens with a spectacular photo of a lightening strike.
  2. "It's a constant search for that moment when lightening strikes, " he said.
  3. The town was also hit by 35 lightening strikes, heavy rain and hail.
  4. Those who survived the lightening strike were sent to nearby Assaifah Medical Clinic.
  5. It was as if the transmission equipment had been hit by a lightening strike.
  6. "It's like lightening striking twice on that building,"
  7. OH is created naturally by a reaction with nitrogen oxide, which is produced during lightening strikes.
  8. A fire caused by a lightening strike in 1915, burned part of the archives and library wing.
  9. That, combined with an incoming storm system that promised lightening strikes, led to Monday's decision to suspend operations.
  10. It was restored early in the 18th century, and the tower was repaired in 1821 following a lightening strike.
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