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  1. The first successful lighted buoy was patented by John Wigham in 1861.
  2. Due to settling, the daymark was replaced with a lighted buoy in 1913.
  3. A temporary lighted buoy was set by the Coast Guard on November 7.
  4. The entrance channel extends westward of the jetty and is marked by lighted buoys.
  5. During this period approximately 101 lighted buoys would be decommissioned.
  6. This modern lighthouse on Ormal replaced a lighted buoy.
  7. The rock is marked with a lighted buoy.
  8. The first gas-lighted buoy was installed in 1882.
  9. The light was replaced with a lighted buoy.
  10. A lighted buoy replaced the tower at a position somewhat further south, where it remains at present.
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