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  1. Licences were issued for forty-three new factories and for substantial expansion to forty-two existing units .
    43 नयी फैक़्ट्रियों के खोलने तथा 42 पुरानी फैक़्ट्रियों के विस्तार के लिए लाइसेंस दिये गये .
  2. However, the law against harassment applies to all people living in residential property; it applies to them whether they have tenancies or licences, and it applies to the acts of anybody acting on behalf of a landlord and, in some cases, to people who may or may not be connected with a landlord.
    इस पूरी पुसतक में (कुछ भाग का अपवाद छोड के) मकान मालिक और किरायेदार यह शब्द पेश किये गये है ।

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