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  1. He built his own static electricity generator and performed experiments with Leyden Jars.
  2. Leyden jars are still used in education to demonstrate the principles of electrostatics.
  3. Most early spark transmitters were powered by batteries or Leyden jars.
  4. Often the effects of electricity were studied, with the help of the Leyden jar.
  5. The Leyden jar provided a much more compact alternative.
  6. A rotary switch at the center connects or disconnects the Leyden jars to the terminals.
  7. At a young age he built a Leyden jar to play pranks on his friends.
  8. The book also describes Leyden jars ( CAUTION!
  9. Wistarburgh Glass Works also made scientific glass for the Leyden jars Franklin used in the 1750s.
  10. Static electricity stored in a Leyden jar or any capacitor can cause painful or fatal shocks!
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