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  1. It was amazing to see the student's lap up the tech stuff.
  2. They finally did and turned the eighth-fastest lap up to that point.
  3. He compares repeat offenders to dogs who return to lap up their vomit.
  4. Desert plants are happy to lap up extra water, Martin said.
  5. Want to lap up glistening waves and bury your feet in the sand?
  6. It uses its sticky tongue, as the name suggests, to lap up ants.
  7. Pools of pink tile roofs lap up to the foot of South Mountain.
  8. Current technology constantly provides greater and greater fidelity, which we consumers lap up.
  9. But the tourists who deluge Old Havana lap up the traditional Cuban music.
  10. But Andy does not lap up the puddle of sports drink for dogs.
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