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  1. All three joints were now simple lap joints with single-row riveting.
  2. Lap joints, the areas in which skin panels overlap, are subject to fatigue cracking.
  3. If an upper crosspiece is needed, fit it to the uprights with a half-lap joint.
  4. In particular, grooves could occur along horizontal seams ( lap joints ) below water level.
  5. More practically, the parallel lap joint halved the amount of riveting needed, compared to the L-strip.
  6. This kind of joint, one of the most basic in the trade, is called the lap joint.
  7. If you're making lap joints in which 4-by-4s and 2-by-4s meet, you cannot, obviously, do this sort of half-and-half joint.
  8. In this case, another cross-piece, generally 8 / 4 thick, can be joined to the base pieces with a half-lap joint.
  9. Often the offset will be one workpiece thickness, in order to allow a lap joint which is smooth on the'show-face '.
  10. Boeing Long Beach will offer its services to airlines as a repair shop to modify 737 lap joints, the company said.
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