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  1. Talbot s lap dissolve transformation on screen only took seconds, while Chaney s took almost ten hours.
  2. Branagh went slightly gaga with lap dissolves.
  3. It involved footage of fake body parts, live and dummy snakes, miniatures, and other camera tricks combined into a flowing sequence with lap dissolve.
  4. Vorkapich used kinetic editing, lap dissolves, tracking shots, creative graphics and optical effects for his montage sequences for such features as " Meet John Doe ", " Academy Award.
  5. At the same time, Gray also developed a " Telojector ", a gun-turret style slide projector for 2 " x 2 " slides which had two projectors, facilitating easier lap dissolves between the two.
  6. A special " pyro model " was created from a rubber cast of the Bird of Prey and exploded instead, with a lap dissolve making the transition from the motion control ship to the pyro vessel.
  7. Due to its principle of action, development and ending, and the dissolve effect of one image over the other, it constituted the same principle than the current audiovisual art : photos shown with lap dissolve together with the sound in an articulated montage.
  8. The beginning of this new period is actually marked by a substantial change in the aspects connected with the aesthetic grounds of his Audiovisual Theory, which are related to the extrinsic montage, in which the author leaves aside what he calls " extrinsic association point due the lap dissolve understood as free will ", going to a new formalist accuracy, which is a hypothesis developed in his simultaneous writings.
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