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  1. Only three councillors; Bruce, Gifford, and A J Hay, represented landed interests.
  2. The landed interest was under sustained challenge from the Anti-Corn Law League.
  3. The Poles of Radbourne have also had landed interests in this area for many years.
  4. Indeed initially they were both loyal to the Tory party, the Church and the landed interest.
  5. The landed interests managed to ensure that the political weight of numbers was skewed disproportionately in their favour.
  6. Haughey skilfully opposed the referendum along with the Roman Catholic Church and landed interests worried about property rights.
  7. They held that the landed interests should use their power to protect the poor from exploitation by middle-class businessmen.
  8. The theory posits that British imperialism was driven by the business interests of the City of London and landed interests.
  9. Then he gave up the practice of medicine, and occupied himself with agriculture, his landed interests in Warren being considerable.
  10. The landed interests elected ten members, the cities and towns eight, the commercial and industrial boards two, the village communes sixteen.
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