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  1. The most popular and widely used performance metric is the landed cost.
  2. The landed cost of the imports is about 660 pesos for every 50 kilograms.
  3. He says the stumbling-block for further expansion and global competitiveness is the high landed cost of raw material.
  4. The landed cost is the total cost of purchasing, transporting, warehousing and distributing raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods.
  5. "Indo Rama has spoiled the market for everyone by slashing prices well below landed costs, " says an industry source.
  6. With the recent devaluation, it is true that the landed cost of imported scrap will increase by approximately Rs400-500 per tonne.
  7. Petron officials earlier said oil firms planned to adjust prices because of the higher landed cost of crude and the weak peso.
  8. The oil firms said they had to adjust their prices because of the higher landed cost of crude and the weak peso.
  9. ERB sources said the Board wasstrongly inclined to employ the landed cost approach, using the Dubai price as the basis for the reduction.
  10. If the Board will pursue its planned price reduction, we are asking them to at least use the landed cost of crude as the basis for their computation,
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