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  1. Specifically, a grave violation of the Law of Land Warfare.
  2. The Academy's direct Headquarters is the Land Warfare Centre.
  3. Land warfare, as the name implies, takes place on land.
  4. Digitizing ground units does not revolutionize land warfare,
  5. The era of the horse in land warfare was slowly drawing to a close.
  6. For this reason, land warfare played a secondary role in the First Punic War.
  7. Land warfare occurred primarily in Cuba and to a much lesser extent in the Philippines.
  8. After the invention of cannons, naval warfare became useful as support units for land warfare.
  9. The formal laws of land warfare are unclear about the precise definition of noncombatants in international conflicts.
  10. Earlier, the Marines were trained as naval infantry covering both aspects of sea and land warfare.
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