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  1. The land valuations that had been exceedingly low for decades, then skyrocketed.
  2. The team's primary responsibilities include developing clients, market analysis, forecasting, and land valuation.
  3. In 1916 he was appointed honorary adviser to the Ministry of Munitions on land valuation.
  4. In 1862 Griffith's Land Valuation Survey reported that fifteen families formed the lands of Knocknaheeny, Knocknacullen.
  5. He wrote numerous articles on Australian history, law, public administration, planning, public finance and land valuation.
  6. He made extensive explorations of Gippsland, always making his land valuations after trigonometrical survey and collection of geological specimens.
  7. The associated land valuations were contentious with more than 1, 800 appeals and objections received by the middle of 1913.
  8. The current land valuation was used to decide the amount to be paid to some, but for many payment is pending.
  9. Compared to modern day property tax evaluations, land valuations involve fewer variables and have smoother gradients than valuations that include improvements.
  10. The LDP is considering suspending the land valuation tax to increase liquidity in Japan's moribund property market, the Nihon Keizai newspaper reported.
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