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  1. The Yukon part of the Peel Watershed is undergoing land use planning.
  2. She previously worked as a professional land use planning and development consultant.
  3. Land use planning practices evolved as an attempt to overcome these challenges.
  4. In 2007 Environment Oregon campaigned for renewable energy and for land use planning.
  5. But the cheapest and best approach is good land use planning,
  6. The city is built around the Dutch land use planning system.
  7. In 2000, the City of Hercules chartered an urban-design-based land use planning effort.
  8. During the land use planning, and a bill to allow public employees to unionize.
  9. But leadership will have to come from local leaders to improve land use planning.
  10. In March 2013 they published a draft entitled, " Community Based Land Use Planning ."
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