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  1. Danny doesn't switch key caps but neither does he know how to whisper.
  2. Key caps on the radio's status buttons may be engraved with their user-defined status.
  3. The key caps are held onto the pillars via friction with cross shaped pegs.
  4. The cybersquatter I found depends on a single-character error of an adjacent key cap.
  5. Don't switch the key caps around and if you must consult with a classmate, whisper.
  6. The key caps can be removed and replaced, but you have to be very careful and skillful.
  7. Instead of flowers on each table, there are vases filled with computer key caps gouged from outdated keyboards.
  8. The invention relies on magnets mounted on the stem of each key of a keyboard, under the key cap.
  9. Originally likely designed as the industrial controller, the computer initially had a keyboard completely orthogonally laid out rectangular key caps.
  10. :: : You can enable the Keyboard Viewer ( very similar to Key Caps ) in System Preferences > International > Input Menu.
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