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  1. Stopt uitscheiding van kalium waardoor mogelijke spierkrampen en in uiterste gevallen spiertremoren ontstaan.
  2. The K in the fertilizer formula is for potassium ( K stands for Kalium, potassium's German name ).
  3. Soleh said the subsidy for kalium chloride fertilizer ( KCl ), which has been abolished, would be reintroduced again to help boost rice production.
  4. It can be assumed that Gates was known as " Mr . Kalium " throughout Amalgam, as in the light novel, A Dancing Very Merry Christmas.
  5. ;natron, natrium, kalium : The ancient Greeks had the word " nitron " with the meaning of naturally occurring sodium carbonate and similar salts.
  6. I have read a certain writing on a disease / disorder called hyperkaliemia and I understand that it is composed of hyper-, kalium ( potassium ) and ( a ) emia ( referring to blood ).
  7. Jafar also said the government would need around Rp 393.9 billion ( US $ 39.4 million ) to lower the price of the Kalium Chloride ( KCl ) fertilizer to Rp 1, 250 per kilogram.
  8. It is said that Gauron ( otherwise known as Mr . Iron ) was responsible for the death of Mr . Kalium ( Gauron does put into motion a series of events that end with Gates's death, though Gauron's only intention seems to have been to lure Sousuke to himself ).
  9. :: : Na-Latin natrium, K-latin kalium, W-german wolfram, Fe-latin ferrum, Cu-latin cuprum, Ag-latin argentum, Au-latin aurum, Hg-latin hydrargyrum, Pb-latin plumbum, Sb-latin stibium These are names of elements whose symbols do not correspond .-- talk ) 15 : 46, 5 May 2010 ( UTC)
  10. Also in the early 19th century, elemental potassium was isolated for the first time and was soon afterwards given the scientific abbreviation "'K "'representing a created Latin name " Kalium ", which was derived from 18th century scientific Latin " Kali " meaning potassium carbonate, which goes back etymologically to medieval Arabic " al-qal +  ", which for the medieval Arabs was a mixture of potassium carbonate and sodium carbonate.
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