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  1. All modification operations to on-disk structures are transactional and journaled.
  2. For sure, it would miss the benefits of a journaled file system.
  3. The casing was partitioned, and through this opening the barrel shaft was journaled.
  4. CNN was also journaled by someone else-- author name clearly says so.
  5. Some care should be taken with this facility as not all tables should be journaled.
  6. The Bleibergs began to travel widely, and Gertrude journaled and sketched during the trips.
  7. ;Writeback ( highest risk ) : Only metadata is journaled; file contents are not.
  8. All activity in all of these areas is journaled ( written to the audit trail ).
  9. :: I suspect Windows will be unable to read something formatted as'Mac OS Extended ( Journaled ) '.
  10. During the trial, Poston presented the courtroom with hundreds of notes and scraps of paper that Virginia journaled on about their reclusive life together.
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