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  1. Mangoes, jackfruits, guavas and blackberries are available in plenty.
  2. Breadfruit and jackfruit are cultivated widely in the tropical Southeast Asia.
  3. I spotted sweet jackfruit, thinking I had found something truly unusual.
  4. He stole a piece of jackfruit and gave it to Dang Anum.
  5. Mango, jackfruit and tamarind trees are scattered over the farm lands.
  6. Jackfruit is a popular seasonal agriculture product from the hills.
  7. Four images of Krishna were then carved from jackfruit wood.
  8. The jackfruit may be replaced with a bunch of flowers.
  9. Other fruits grown in the region are jackfruit, chiku and guava.
  10. Trees are heavy with bananas, coconuts and jackfruit.
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