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  1. Both petitioners questioned the civilian awards being " Titles " per an interpretation of Constitution.
  2. Originally, the State Council also could issue statutory decrees and legally-binding interpretations of constitution and laws.
  3. A case in which the SC applied an extreme strict interpretation of constitution and gave verdict that severly opposed the social, cultural or political changes of the American society.
  4. The Court is using the language of its established interpretation of Constitution section 109, which provides that a state law will be " invalid " to the extent that it is " inconsistent " with a federal law.
  5. The basis for the request for the review petition, according to Thomas's lawyer, Wills Mathews, was that the three judges'judgement on the CVC is not legally valid because Article 145 ( 3 ) says that the minimum number of judges required for interpretation of Constitution is five, which in effect makes the Supreme Court judgement null and void.

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