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  1. Kizer brought hospitals, outpatient clinics and nursing homes together into integrated networks.
  2. In November 2005, Access Integrated Networks acquired customers from Kentucky-based Cinergy Communications.
  3. The future is clearly an integrated network that will carry voice, data and video.
  4. Phil works closely with WIN-Web Integrated Network, which is a free Transportation Management System.
  5. Sprint was the first phone company to market its vision for an integrated network.
  6. Worker safety can be augmented by safe, innovative design and increasing integrated networks of automation.
  7. These routes are not part of the integrated network, a situation reflected by higher fares.
  8. Sprint intends to begin offering big businesses access to the integrated network later this year.
  9. Sprint released the outlines of the integrated network Monday.
  10. Today, BMC is focused on integrating test and evaluation events, including the Integrated Network Baseline Evaluation.
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