incriminate sentence in Hindi

"incriminate" meaning in Hindi  


  1. Little by little, though, Damien appears to incriminate himself.
  2. Granted, there were no incriminating car phone tapes back then.
  3. He didn't want me to incriminate myself out loud.
  4. The ex-coach has put himself in countless incriminating situations.
  5. Similarly, everything from computer databases to spreadsheets might prove incriminating.
  6. Vincennes gets the celebrity arrests, Sid gets the incriminating photos.
  7. They may argue that incriminating evidence is inadmissible on technical grounds.
  8. I replied, staring at the incriminating evidence in his hands.
  9. Even at the time she failed to produce those incriminating letters.
  10. The ( incriminating ) information is not here anymore _ gone.
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