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  1. Incoming registers used a time-shared electronic dial path ( TDM ) to transfer pulsing information from the incoming junction to the incoming register.
  2. There were three scan rates : 156ms for subscribers, 36ms for Registers, Outgoing Junctions and Routing Translations, and 12ms for Incoming Junctions.
  3. It was never used for its intended purpose but merely acted as the front end to incoming junction calls at Leighton Buzzard and directing them to the either the TXE1 or one of the three TXE2 exchanges, which was decided by the first dialled digit.
  4. The exchange was capable of dealing with 10, 000 subscribers, but it started out with a capacity of 3, 000 subscribers, 152 incoming junctions and 166 outgoing junctions, and plans were made to double the subscriber capacity, this but this never happened.
  5. As the first steps in dealing with the new call the MCU recorded the directory number and class of service ( shared service, PABX line, incoming junction register, TOS and so on ) information offered by the Cyclic Store and allocates one of its associated group of up to 30 registers.
  6. The last of these was obviously the quickest scan, to ensure that no incoming digits were lost from the incoming junctions . ( A junction in BT terminology was not a junction in the ordinary sense of the word, but was the name given to a pair of wires connecting a call between a'satellite'telephone exchange and the main exchange .)
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