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  1. The rowans I know all have imparipinnate leaves.
  2. The hybrid has imparipinnate leaves, with leaflets semipersistent, subsessile terminal, and sometimes reduced.
  3. Compound leaves are imparipinnate in form.
  4. It has stout, dark green leaves, 5 cm long, with 5-7 imparipinnate leaflets.
  5. The plant is deep-rooted and drought-resistant, growing to 1 1.5 m tall with leaves imparipinnate with 7 11 leaflets.
  6. Its leaves are interrupted imparipinnate, green to pale beneath, glabrous to sparsely short pubescent with a mixture of simple uniseriate trichomes, some populations lacking trichomes.
  7. Leaves are imparipinnate and alternate, with oblong opposite leaflets, having an oblique base and blunt apex, 2.5-3cm long and thinly pubescent below.
  8. It is alternate and imparipinnate with 4-14 pairs of leaflets, the leaves being 4-16 cm long, with terminal buds protected by cottony scales.
  9. Leaves alternate, compound, imparipinnate, leaflets ovoid to suborbicular 10-40 x 5-30 mm with characteristic bronze venetation ( hence venosa ), hairy only along margins.
  10. The tree is from 80 to 100 ft . high and has large imparipinnate leaves, the leaflets of which are oblong, about 12 in . long and 1 in . broad, and somewhat truncate at the apex.
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