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  1. This is a special version of a sample-and-hold circuit.
  2. Sample and hold circuits, ADCs, DACs.
  3. For best accuracy, often a track-and-hold circuit is inserted in front of the ADC input.
  4. Therefore, they are ideally suited for precision analog circuits, or for integrators and sample-and-hold circuits.
  5. A single DAC was shared by all 6 ports providing voltage compare functions for the modulators and feeding sample and hold circuits for the demodulator outputs.
  6. Modules that can be controlled by CV include VCF, VCA, high and low frequency oscillators, ring modulators, sample and hold circuits and noise injection.
  7. Dielectric absorption can cause a problem in circuits where very small currents are used, such as long-time-constant integrators or sample-and-hold circuits.
  8. In order to obtain I-V curves simultaneously with a topograph, a sample-and-hold circuit is used in the feedback loop for the z piezo signal.
  9. Dielectric absorption may be a problem in circuits using very small currents in electronic circuits, such as long-time-constant integrators or sample-and-hold circuits.
  10. For example, a capacitor can be used as the time-determining component for time relays or for storing a voltage value as in a sample and hold circuits or operational amplifiers.
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