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  1. Those are things we've been able to hold at bay until this point ."
  2. Very soon after, however, Cloud is attacked by a rather angry Despara, whom he holds at bay for the second time.
  3. He can use the specter of economic collapse as a shield to hold at bay the military officials and feudal landlords and start making changes.
  4. The Lockes take advantage of the largely forgotten church season of Advent to hold at bay the secular forces that start Christmas celebrations in November.
  5. Phil Murphy used the same type of semiautomatic rifle to hold at bay a career criminal who had broken into his parents'house in Tucson.
  6. While Ms . Fuller's agreeable performance conveys a comfy Midwestern hominess, it holds at bay the scary realities of Virginia's story.
  7. Using Guard and Reserve personnel to fill in the ranks of the active duty is relatively cheap and holds at bay discussion of reviving a draft.
  8. Common to all those nations is the perception that the Japan-U . S . security arrangements hold at bay a Japanese strike in the military field.
  9. Andrew uses his NEXT powers to create a gigantic mecha-crab, which Barnaby holds at bay until his powers recharge and tries to reason with Andrew.
  10. The landslide congressional defeats of 1994 are rallying Democrats around him as he tries to hold at bay the tide of conservative revolution that has already flooded the Congress.
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