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  1. What grievance do bin Laden's forces hold against the United States?
  2. For one thing, he's not a Cubs fan, which I hold against him.
  3. The attack hit the Union XX Corps, managed to hold against additional Confederate charges.
  4. The third line could be expected to stand and hold against the British force.
  5. It wasn't nothing that we'll hold against one another.
  6. I think that's what she holds against me ."
  7. Cox was confident that " Qurna was strong " and would hold against an assault.
  8. I don't understand what they can hold against him.
  9. If it holds against a high-pressure tire, then it should do well on the roof.
  10. It is precisely Dole's knack for accommodation, however, that today's radicalized GOP holds against him.
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