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  1. The two distinguishing features of a hierarchical control system are related to its layers.
  2. A further development in Triple-S 2.0 is the addition of an optional Hierarchical Control File.
  3. James Albus at NIST provided the Real-time Control System which is a hierarchical control system.
  4. One way to achieve autonomous control employs multiple control-loop layers, as in hierarchical control systems.
  5. An example hybrid is a hierarchical control system in which the lowest, reactive layers are sub-symbolic.
  6. In each country, leading bodies of the ruling Communist Part exercised hierarchical control of the censorship system.
  7. Hierarchical control system types range from simple IMU to calculate precise inputs for the electronic speed controllers and motors.
  8. Arguments opposed to Wikiblower protection hinge on the need for stability and hierarchical control structures within the Wikipedia system.
  9. According to Argyris, their advice purports to help managers empower their subordinates, but in fact it subtly reinforces hierarchical control.
  10. They're much more entrepreneurial; they don't have the same discipline and hierarchical controls that we see ( among traditional organized-crime groups ).
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