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  1. Early Linnaeus to develop a hierarchical classification system still in use today.
  2. We editors should avoid mere technical definition and hierarchical classification.
  3. Automatic taxoboxes are intended to facilitate maintaining a consistent hierarchical classification across multiple articles.
  4. Buddhist schools'hierarchical classification systems were often used as tools in their doctrinal debates.
  5. The ACM Computing Classification System ( CCS ) is a similar hierarchical classification scheme for computer science.
  6. Hierarchical classification systems can be slow to change, and are rooted in the culture and era that created them.
  7. He characterized the brain as a highly complex but self-ordering, hierarchical classification system, a huge network of connections.
  8. There are a lot of similar applications that can also be tackled by hierarchical classification such as written text recognition, domains.
  9. I am confusing with disciplines, so please create and put an ordered flow chat for science ( hierarchical classification system ).
  10. It is an ontology database containing hierarchical classifications of various entities including genes, proteins, organisms, diseases, drugs, and chemical compounds.
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