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  1. Immigration officials could not immediately be reached for comment Tuesday on the hidings.
  2. Taksin had tried his best to encourage people to come out of forest hidings and promote farming.
  3. "We've been out here in the past and had our hidings but have done nothing,"
  4. As soon as the army left the cemetery, the students came out of their hidings and marked the spots where the martyrs were dumped.
  5. This was attributed to the Moree Boars particularly poor 2013 season in Group 4 where they were on the receiving end of some big hidings.
  6. In the end she " leans muttering against / a tree exhausted, purged _ / avenged in part for lifelong hidings / she has had to bear ."
  7. Immigration officials could not immediately be reached for comment on the hidings Tuesday, but activists and media reported that the deportation order was not being enforced by some local police.
  8. We have had a few hidings against Rangers in the past and we want to at least leave there with our pride intact so we are looking for a good performance,
  9. Between Tim Hardaway, Rony Seikaly and Clifford Rozier asking out, Chris Mullin getting hurt, and Adelman's occasional public hidings, the Warriors are very near sparkle-free.
  10. They came to Australia on a high after wins over Fiji, Canada and Tonga in the Pacific Rim tournament but leave facing the prospect of hidings against full-strength test teams.
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