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  1. Before the 1880s, pigments extracted from Brazil wood were used in its manufacture, but these proved inadequate in terms of hiding power and stability.
  2. The report said Enron's tactics included " attempts to fabricate transactions for profit " and use middlemen to hide power transactions among Enron-affiliated companies.
  3. Its quick coverage and total hiding power mean that gouache lends itself to more direct painting techniques than watercolor . " En plein air " paintings take advantage of this, as do the works of J . M . W . Turner and Victor Lensner.
  4. The report issued Tuesday by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission staff urged further investigation into " possible misconduct " charges against three Enron affiliate companies and two investor-owned utilities that did extensive business with Enron, including one that acted as a middleman to hide power transactions between Enron affiliates.
  5. Many difficulties occur because watercolor paints do not have high hiding power, so previous efforts cannot simply be painted over; and the paper support is both absorbent and delicate, so the paints cannot simply be scraped off, like oil paint from a canvas, but must be laboriously ( and often only partially ) lifted by rewetting and blotting.

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