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  1. Who knew, maybe I had a bottle in my handbag?
  2. Women are wearing their hair in flips and toting ladylike handbags.
  3. Handbags, shoes and leather goods are of the highest quality.
  4. Buy the best handbag you can afford to help your image.
  5. The collection is expected to include handbags, jewelry and cosmetics.
  6. And Radojka rummaged in her handbag for her picture of Radovan.
  7. Lubin's Ouvrez Moi came in a black glass handbag.
  8. Buy it in handbags, loafers, pumps, or belts.
  9. It was a large duffel-style woman's handbag.
  10. Favorite thing : His handbag, which he takes for walks.
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