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  1. He also had best bowling of 5 / 33 in an innings.
  2. The 7-footer had best be ready for Fitch's boot camp in October.
  3. When you're the other Reggie White, you had best have perspective.
  4. Two whistles, and Ivan and his brother Jose had best be halfway there.
  5. If Dole sincerely believes things were better back then, we had best beware.
  6. Image specialists say those companies had best simply apologize to shareholders and employees.
  7. And we had best be ready for it, " he said.
  8. Owners of Power Macintosh computers had best plan on 16 megabytes of RAM.
  9. Singh had best figures of three for 13 in nine overs.
  10. Nor were there any surprises among other nonfiction works that had best-seller potential.
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