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  1. It is the home of Umueshi Gully Erosion intervention project by the World Bank.
  2. At this time, strong gully erosion and alluvial fans probably formed in Bolivian valleys.
  3. Few soil erosion models consider gully erosion, mostly due to difficulties in modelling these large erosional features.
  4. The poor conditions have resulted in unstable stream banks and gully erosion from the removal of riparian vegetation.
  5. The sediment originates primarily from water erosion ( gully erosion ) in the Loess Plateau region of northwest China.
  6. The volcano itself has an easily recognizable crater, but part of the volcano's flanks has been subject to gully erosion.
  7. One major problem is that the USLE cannot simulate gully erosion, and so erosion from gullies is ignored in any USLE-based assessment of erosion.
  8. But by 1996 the sanctuary had been so severely affected by deforestation, poaching, cultivation and gully erosion, that the populations soon disappeared from there.
  9. Because of this, much effort is invested into the study of gullies within the scope of geomorphology, in the prevention of gully erosion, and in restoration of gullied landscapes.
  10. In 1951, the Christian missionary group of " American Adventist Church " constructed the first school of the town at a place called " Lode " ( now separated from the main town by gorge created by gully erosion and called " Tirso " ).
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