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  1. The film was bought by Goldcrest and sold to the BBC.
  2. In Hungary, goldcrests stopping temporarily on migration were mostly found in sparrowhawks.
  3. Diehl is a Foley artist working as an independent contractor under Goldcrest Post Productions.
  4. The goldcrest has a huge range in Eurasia, breeding from Macaronesia to Japan.
  5. The firecrest descendant evolved in Madeira and goldcrest subspecies evolved on the other islands.
  6. The film was later picked up for distribution by Goldcrest and 20th Century Fox.
  7. Goldcrest 51 was a bottled beer until 1947, when they started using cans.
  8. The goldcrest takes a wide variety of prey, especially spiders, caterpillars, tits.
  9. The goldcrest feeds in trees, frequently foraging on the undersides of branches and leaves.
  10. The flamecrest lineage diverged from that of the goldcrest 3.0 3.1 mya.
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