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  1. Modigliani to go under the hammer, NEW STRAITS TIMES-MANAGEMENT TIMES
  2. All were shortly to go under the hammer.
  3. Around 300 vehicles, including 130 passenger cars, will go under the hammer.
  4. So what could go under the hammer?
  5. The spirits will go under the hammer alongside Ceausescu's cars, boats and other property.
  6. Meanwhile, core assets of the ailing firms are expected to go under the hammer in late March.
  7. Those interested will be permitted to examine data and asset quality two weeks before the assets go under the hammer.
  8. The FRA earlier announced that hire-purchase loans worth Bt60 billion will go under the hammer from June 18.
  9. Amaret expects the next auction to evoke keen interest from the public because more executive cars will go under the hammer.
  10. The sculpture, by Mitch Mitchell, will go under the hammer Tuesday as part of a major auction of cricket memorabilia.
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