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  1. It is used to give colour to wines and alcoholic tinctures, to vegetable oils, and to varnishes.
  2. The petals contain a red dye which is used in some medicines and wines, also the dried petals are occasionally used to give colour to potpourris.
  3. The ease with which the Franks suppressed various risings gives colour to the supposition that family quarrels rather than the revolt of an oppressed people motivated the rebellions.
  4. The green colouration of the wild budgerigar is due to the combined effect of a yellow pigment and an interference effect similar to that which gives colour to petrol on water, which in the budgerigar produces a blue colouration.
  5. His surname was borne by persons of humble station at Calverstown, Co . Kildare, which, coupled with his familiarity with the Eustaces of Baltinglass, may give colour to a surmise that he was a native of that district.
  6. Karolina is characterized as " legendary ", " prominent citizen " of Mykonos, the famous painter of Mykonos, " the significant painter of the island " and as a " real image of the island " who " is giving colour to Matogiannia and the harbour ".
  7. The five landscapes are associated with a particular mood of the poem and to give colour to these moods, each had a musical mood ( " pann " ), a melodic instrument ( " yaazh " ) and a percussion instrument ( " parai " ).
  8. Having learned from madder possesses the property of giving colour to the bones, he fed animals successively on food mixed and unmixed with madder; and he found that their bones in general exhibited concentric strata of red and white, while the softer parts showed in the meantime signs of having been progressively extended.
  9. I'm pretty sure that in a paper encyclopedia there would be " very " little or " no " quoted passages from the artist themselves giving colour to biographical detail but, as we know, Wiki is not paper ( see, in particular, = = no size limits = = ).
  10. De Couto gives a long list of noble fidalgos who fell that day, sacrificed by the incapacity of their leaders; and though he confidently asserts that the total loss was 230 men and no more, his own story of the events of the fight gives colour to the statement of Pyrard that the loss amounted to no less than 500 lives.
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