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  1. "I don't know how you give a start a grade ."
  2. Poland coach Pawel Janas said he might give a start to young'keeper Artur Boruc from Legia Warszawa.
  3. His first sculpture, a statue of Arcot Lakshmanaswami Mudaliar, was eventually approved, thereby giving a start to his career.
  4. That will give a start to a principally new stage of the settlement : the stage of peaceful dialogue on a summit level,
  5. There was speculation that captain Marc Rosset might give a start to 19-year-old Stansislas Wawrinka, or might even play himself.
  6. Joinville gives a start but then realizes it's the king, not the other nobleman, because of the monarch's emerald ring.
  7. They brought in twenty francophone families to work in the mill, giving a start to a French-speaking community still very alive in the city today.
  8. Of the eight playhouses on Theater Row, Playwrights Horizons has been the most significant, giving a start to Broadway productions like " Driving Daisy,"
  9. The series has been credited with changing the language of factual television and giving a start in the industry to some of UK TV's leading programme makers.
  10. "It seems everyone he gives a start but me, " said forward Preki Radosavljevic, a former Yugoslav who became a U . S . citizen in 1996.
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