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  1. Just an average pop Miss most discerning listeners would want to give a miss.
  2. They're not going to give a miss to a place that is so close to home ."
  3. A portal freely accessible via mobile phone, that allows anyone to report stories and listen to them by giving a miss call.
  4. One could give a miss to the peasant Swiss-miss dresses with their lace-up fronts or backs, in colors like plum, moss or bright red.
  5. What it will do is give a miss-hit ball more distance and a better chance of making the fairway, where the grass is shorter and good shots are easier to make.
  6. A video we'd seen frequently on the shelves at our local rental shop but which we had planned on giving a miss suddenly took on more appeal after we saw its trailer ( so named because they used to appear after the main attraction ).
  7. In the BWF Super Series ranking for the year 2010 ( which only considers the performances of players in the elite world super series tournaments ), as on 27 September 2010, Saina has dropped to No . 7 from a high of No . 1 after giving a miss to 2010 China Masters Super Series and 2010 Japan Super Series due to her preparation for the 2010 Commonwealth Games.
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