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  1. Gallanter learned the value of speaking up from her own experience.
  2. Joanna Rees Gallanter does not think so, and she is in a position to know.
  3. Gallanter is also advising her companies to rethink their business strategies in light of changing conditions.
  4. "' Bonnie Gallanter "'is a music manager and the President / CEO of Muse Artist Management.
  5. "It plays the role of a virtual salesman, " says Gallanter, whose firm seeks out B2B2C plays.
  6. And that's where B2B2C companies come in, says Joanna Rees Gallanter of Venture Strategy, a San Francisco VC firm.
  7. Bruce Gallanter of Downtown Music Gallery says of the CD, " Right from that opening salvo, this trio is powerful and impressive.
  8. Venture Strategy General Partner Joanna Rees Gallanter " is an integral part of our board and an extension of our management team ."
  9. Though Gallanter credits his survival to his base of loyal customers, he said that he too sends spies over to watch the competition at Tower.
  10. Swagger, Gallanter says, can pave the way to a successful venture-capital deal, so why not add it to the feminine repertory?
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