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  1. In function notation, this can be written as
  2. The arrow, e . g ., ?!, was developed for function notation in 1936 by �ystein Ore to denote images of specific elements.
  3. :: My belated two cents : The confusion arises because function notation looks like a normal equation, but is in fact a different thing entirely.
  4. I'm looking for some clarity as to what is best form with regard to function notation, in the real world and in writing here on Wikipedia.
  5. :: : The function notation is not just notation, it's what elements of the Cartesian product " are " according to its J . 12 : 34, 20 July 2009 ( UTC)
  6. The following table describes the conjugacy classes in terms of the order of an element in the class, the size of the class, the minimum polynomial of every representative in GL ( 3, 2 ), and the function notation for a representative in PSL ( 2, 7 ).
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