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  1. A Task Force is simply a Light Force coupled with an Engine.
  2. The idea is to try to force couples to stay together.
  3. Government spokesmen said the fault clauses forced couples into bitter recriminatory sessions in court.
  4. In San Francisco, bike messengers report a smaller work force coupled with decreased earnings.
  5. Forcing couples to attend marriage counseling before the state issues a marriage license would cut down on divorces.
  6. It can be a painful decision, since it forces couples to confront lingering feelings about years of infertility treatment.
  7. This had become more frequent in the wake of rapid development which forced couples to seek employment, hence the day-care centres.
  8. His tee shot, resting 6 inches from Rae's Creek, forced Couples to take a stance with one foot in the water.
  9. The idea is to force couples to use this time to work out differences and find a way to preserve their union.
  10. The sore back that forced Couples to miss seven tournaments this season and pushed him to the brink of Wadkins'scrap pile is much better.
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