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  1. Folded horn bass guitar rigs have remained rare due to their size and weight.
  2. Because of the folded horn, the woofer cone moves no more than a few millimeters.
  3. Klipsch invented the world-famous Klipschorn speaker, a folded horn loaded speaker that revolutionized the industry.
  4. Also, a folded horn with an exponential taper was constructed inside the cabinet to provide better impedance matching to the air.
  5. In rare cases, some large bass cabinets ( known as " bass bins " ) incorporate folded horns to boost the bass response.
  6. Folded horn-type subwoofers can typically produce a deeper range with greater efficiency than the same driver in an enclosure that lacks a horn.
  7. Martin Audio's early folded horn bass cabinet design ( known as Martin Bins ) was typical of the industry standard in the 1970s.
  8. The W8S has largely been superseded by the larger WSX subwoofer, which is a folded horn S-bin design based on a single 18-inch driver.
  9. An example of a subwoofer that uses a bass horn is the Bassmaxx B-Two, which loads an 18 " ( 45 cm ) driver onto an long folded horn.
  10. Sensurround was a movie theater special effects speaker system which used multiple Cerwin-Vega folded horn subwoofers triggered by an optical soundtrack system to create low frequency effects which simulated vibrations felt during an earthquake or a battle scene.
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